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With a pretty big lesson about how learning at school is big fun, new author and illustrator Stayci J. Mallozzi offers pre and beginning readers a charming adventure in the playful and inspiring Iggy Biggy Buggy™: One Sunny Day. There’s no doubt about it! It’s such a beautiful and sunshiny day that Iggy Biggy Buggy wants to stay home from school and play. Iggy Biggy Buggy is one charismatic caterpillar who has great adventures playing outside, until he realizes something is missing. With this insight, he begins to appreciate that it would be a lot more exciting to join his classmates in school where they have fun learning how to count and read and write. Find out what Iggy Biggy Buggy figures out!

32 Pages

ISBN 1452844259
LCCN 2010906335

Text Copyright © 2007, 2011 by Stayci J. Mallozzi
Illustrations Copyright © 2011 by Stayci J. Mallozzi